The Bell Tolls – Get bonus Assassin-themed rewards with every sacrifice

Every sacrifice now gives a bonus Assassin-themed reward!

From now until May 30th, 5 PM PT, every time you would get a normal sacrifice or Vortex reward, you’ll also get a bonus Assassin-themed reward in addition to normal sacrifice rewards!

The bonus rewards are as follows:

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
1 Common Assassin Soul

2 Common Assassin Souls

50 Rare Assassin
Soul Fragments

1 Rare Assassin Soul

Tier 5 Tier 6 Tier 7 Vortex
2 Rare Assassin Souls

4 Rare Assassin Souls

1 Legendary Assassin Soul

2 Legendary Assassin Souls
50 Assassin Mythical
Soul Fragments

**Did you know you can double your rewards for a sacrifice? Doing a sacrifice with a higher amount of essence than the minimum required gives you a chance of getting double rewards based on how much you’ve exceeded the essence requirement. If you double the essence required for a tier, you’ll be guaranteed to get double the rewards!

BONUS! Complete Sacrifice themed Event Challenges to earn Vampire Hunter Eddie Fragments and a full set of NEW 5-set Eternity Talismans.

Eternity Talismans are purple talismans with a 5 set effect that is not available anywhere else! Equip a full set for the following effects:

  • Grant Perfect Hit to all allies at the start of battle for 2 turns.
  • Grant Physical, Magic, and True Block to self for 1 turn if Perfect Hit, Regen, or Charge is present at the start of your turn.
  • Remove All Beneficial Effects, including Golden Effects, Stun, and inflict Perfect Disable for 1 turn on a random enemy if Passive Disable is active on any enemy at the start of your turn.
  • Fully heal and removes Doom effects from all enemies if the wearer of this talisman has the Shawl of Styx passive.

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