The Spiritual Guardian (Variety) – Exclusive Chance at The Sphinx!

Collect a new 5★ Gunner!


Beware the power of the Sphinx! They are able to Seal and Stun enemies and lay Traps on allies, while passively increasing their HP. 


Get full character details in the Compendium!  


From now until March 4th at 4PM PDT, complete event challenges in various areas of the game to earn rewards such as Ancient Treasure Currency, Iron Coins, Evo Materials, Absolute Darkness Currency and more! 


Ancient Treasure Currency can be traded in store for Unwavering Souls, Cosmic Upgrade Packs, and the 5* Sphinx! This event also features the return of the Cosmic Desert Deity Talismans.


The Cosmic Desert Deity Talisman provides an exclusive bonus when equipped to Powerslave themed Eddies and Egyptian God characters. This Talisman increases stats in battle, and reduces incoming damage. It will also make the wearer:


Grant Immunity to all Stop and Max HP Reduction effects, including Silver and Innate effects, to all allies until they die every turn. Cannot take more than 10% of MAX HP as damage from any single attack. Gain 1 Power, up to 10% Fury and a Random Beneficial Effect, including Golden effects, for 2 turns whenever you take damage. 50% Chance to grant each other ally an Extra Turn after every action.


Absolute Darkness Currency is the event currency of our Protector of Souls Event.


Trade your Absolute Darkness Currency in the Event Store for rare rewards including Nephthys, Cosmic Comet Talismans and more!


You can learn more about this month’s featured event in the Protector of Souls event post here!


IMPORTANT: The Spiritual Guardian is the FINAL Protector of Souls associated event. Once this event ends you will no longer be able to collect Absolute Darkness Currency!


Unwavering Soul Details!


Collect 200 Unwavering Fragments to create 1 Unwavering Soul.


The Unwavering Soul is a limited time event soul which guarantees a 3★ to 5★ character of any class and a 2x chance of summoning 5★ non-highlight characters. It also has an EXCLUSIVE chance of summoning 5★ Sphinx.


Each Unwavering Soul summoned will also grant the following bonus rewards:

  • 10 Mythical Soul Fragments
  • 20 Talisman Gold Red Soul Fragments


400 Talisman Gold Red Soul Fragments guarantees a Tier 1 to Tier 3 Gold or Red Cosmic Talisman and 5★ Gold Idol.