Towerfall (Gauntlet) – Complete Challenges for Towerfall Talisman + Heroic Fragments

Complete specific challenges in the Gauntlet for valuable rewards!

From now until August 28th at 5PM PT, complete event challenges in the Gauntlet to earn rewards such as Heroic Legendary Fragments, Assassin Souls, Ironite, Towerfall Talisman Fragments and more!

500 Towerfall Talisman Fragments = 1 Towerfall Talisman Soul

The Towerfall Talisman Soul is a unique Soul with contents that will change with every Towerfall event (similar to Talisman Evolution Souls!).

Summon these Souls to earn a T3 Gold Cosmic Talismans with a special set effect!

At this time, all Towerfall Talisman Souls are guaranteed to summon a Gold Cosmic Talisman with the ability to grant the Rider set bonus! This set bonus will make the wearer:

Remove Immunity and Perfect Immunity from all enemies at the start of battle. Reduce Damage taken by 50%. 25% Chance to inflict 1 Mark for two turns on up to two random enemies when you take damage. Removes all Immunity Effects, including Vanish and Perfect Immunity, and inflict Perfect Sleep on all enemies for 2 turns When you reach 1 HP. Heal for full HP and grant increased Power and Fury Generation to all allies for the duration of battle when you reach 1 HP.

Note: It doesn’t matter when you earned the soul; the Talisman you will earn is determined when you open the soul, so saved up souls and fragments will change what they can give over time!