Unbound Terror – Sacrifice for a chance at Fenrir!

Sacrifice for rare rewards!

From now until April 15th at 5PM PT, earn bonuses from each tier of Sacrifice, in addition to normal sacrifice rewards:

Tier I sacrifices have a bonus of either 3 Devouring Fragment
Tier II sacrifices have a bonus of 13 Devouring Fragments
Tier III sacrifices have a bonus of 65 Devouring Fragments
Tier IV sacrifices have a bonus of 160 Devouring Fragments
Tier V sacrifices have a bonus of 2 Devouring Souls
Tier VI sacrifices have a bonus of 4 Devouring Souls
Tier VII sacrifices have a bonus of 6 Devouring Souls
Vortexes have a bonus of 4 Devouring Souls

The Devouring Soul is a limited time event soul which guarantees a 3★ to 5★ character of any class. This soul has an increased chance of summoning Werewolves, Cosmic Wolves and Dog Spirits. It also has an EXCLUSIVE chance of summoning the Gunner Werewolf and our latest 5★ Assassin- Fenrir!

Fenrir is a ruthless single target damager who passively reduces all damage taken by 50% and returns 50% of it at the start of each round back to each enemy! This 5★ Assassin also removes all beneficial effects before doing damage with his basic attack, and will inflict 6 random negative effects to random enemies for 6 turns with his power attack!

Devouring Soul Details!

Each Devouring Soul Soul summoned will also grant the following bonus rewards:

  • 10 Fenrir Soul Fragments
  • 10 Werewolf or Dog Spirit Soul Fragments
  • 20 Talisman Gold Red Soul Fragments

Collecting 750 Fenrir Soul Fragments guarantees 1 5★ Fenrir.

Collecting 350 Werewolf or Dog Spirit Soul Fragments has a chance of summoning a Werewolf (Gunner, Assassin, Warrior, Magus, Sentinel) or Dog Spirit (Magus, Sentinel, Gunner)!

400 Talisman Gold Red Soul Fragments guarantees a Tier 1 to Tier 3 Gold or Red Cosmic Talisman and 5★ Gold Idol.

If you belong to a Clan, you will also see additional Unbound Terror Event Challenges. These are distinguishable by their green border and special icons. This event features Clan Group Event Challenges which will count the efforts of all members of your Clan towards the ultimate goal! For additional details on Clan Event Challenges, scroll to the bottom of this post, or head to the Clans Guide in the newsfeed!

Complete Challenges to earn a variety of rewards including various Assassin Awakening Shards, Thor Eddie Fragments, and Forged Soul Fragments.

Forged Fragments are the event currency of the Forge of Destiny Mega Event.

Trade your Forged Fragments in the Mega Store for rare rewards including Freya Cosmic Talismans and Odin himself!

You can learn more about this Mega event in the Forge of Destiny event post here!