Introducing Lilith, the Unholy Ghost!

Collect this new 5⭐Hero!

Free your soul and let it fly
Give your life to the Lord of Light
Keep your secrets and rain on me
All I see are mysteries ~ Lord of Light

Lilith, the Unholy Ghost, is known as the “Keeper of Secrets” and is the elder sister of the Lord of Light.

Created by God to serve mankind, she has rebelled from the ranks of the Empyrean realm and now seeks to free her brother from his inter-dimensional prison in the Time Rift Dungeon so that they may retake the celestial throne.

Lilith’s are hero-class allies with extremely potent skills and passives. Get a taste of the 5 classes of Lilith available in game!

Warrior Lilith: An all-enemy physical attacker who grants herself Physical Charge every turn. She can grant her allies Magma Shields and Ascension, or can guarantee Stuns on enemies with 3 or more Burns. See full ability details below!

Magus Lilith: A magic damage support who can Block damage for weakened teammates. She can grant Cleanse and Immunity to all allies, or inflict Exhaust on an enemy, which reduces all of their Attack, Defense, Magic, and MR by 90%.

Sentinel Lilith: A multi hit attacker that does physical and magical damage to a single target. She can guarantee removing Immunity (including Perfect Immunity) while inflicting Perfect Corruption, or she can revive all allies, all while automatically healing allies every time she’s damaged.

Gunner Lilith: An all enemy, multi-hit magic attacker who extends her team’s Beneficial Effects by 1 turn at the start of battle. She can steal beneficial effects or Smite enemies or heal all allies while granting Critical Strike Chance.

Assassin Lilith: An all-enemy true damage attacker who can steal Immunity (including Perfect Immunity), provide Immunity for her team, or can transform positive effects on enemies into Time Bombs. She also automatically sacrifices a portion of her HP every turn to either Revive a dead ally or fully heal a random alive ally.

Every Lilith can be a powerful asset to your team! Take a closer look at the abilities of Lilith’s warrior class below!

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