LIMITED TIME – 2x chance of Talisman rewards in Brave New World!

Face off against the Dragon King!

All talismans available in the Brave New World Dungeons are dropping more frequently!

From January 15th until January 18th, 4 PM PT, all Brave New World dungeons have a [B]2x chance[/B] to drop all talismans!

The following Talismans are available exclusively in the Brave New World Dungeons:

Garden of Dismay: Garden of Life: Garden of Fear:
Cyclone Talisman Guard Talisman Thorn Talisman
Lightning Talisman Quake Talisman Explosive Talisman
Comet Talisman Advantage Talisman Rage Talisman
Life Talisman Shell Talisman Meteor Talisman
Enduring Talisman Ascension Talisman Strike Talisman
Resistance Talisman Immunity Talisman Echo Talisman
Resilience Talisman Chance Talisman
Vampiric Talisman Zone Talisman
Immortal Talisman

Take this opportunity to quickly grab some of the more common talismans you may need, or to get the last one or two of the rarer talismans from the higher floors!

🎉Tip: Need some help conquering the Dragon King? Read this blog for tips on talismans and team compositions:

Start collecting talismans now:

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