Alice Cooper Collaboration

Alice Cooper

No one is ready for this epic collaboration! Iron Maiden’s free-to-play mobile game has teamed up with the legend himself, Alice Cooper, to take you on a journey in a new event: Road Rats Forever.

Alice Cooper Collab


Alice Cooper himself is jumping into Legacy Of The Beast, going down the Road and taking on a gang of evil.

Learn more about this collaboration and get your first look at Alice Cooper in game in the video below:



On the road of a desolate highway, Phantom Eddie and Alice Cooper were traveling to their next show. Charlotte urgently signals them over from her motorcycle, seeking assistance against a gang that’s seized control of a derelict gas station nearby.

As they journey down the road towards the gang’s hideout, the trio battles relentless waves of thugs. Upon discovering that the gas station has transformed into a chop shop, our heroes efficiently eliminate all gang members in their path.


Alice Cooper is the Master Of Madness, and with it he will use his arsenal of weapons to assist Eddie and his friends take on anyone who stands in their way!

Players are able to earn Alice Cooper for free by logging in for 7 days over the course of a month. Take a look at the free calendar below!


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Players had the chance to witness Alice Cooper in action during the Road Rats Forever dungeon event. The dungeon was available from November 15th-22nd and was inspired by the lyrics and albums of Alice Cooper.

The dungeon is set on a desolate highway, inspired by the album “Road”, where Alice Cooper and Phantom Eddie head to their next show together. The Road Rats Forever dungeon event featured an Alice Cooper themed script, and 4 difficulty settings with epic rewards!

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