Nekrogoblikon Collaboration


Iron Maiden’s free-to-play mobile game has teamed up with goblin metal band Nekrogoblikon to take you on a journey in a new event: Bound By Fate. Nekrogoblikons hype-goblin John Goblikon has barged his way into Legacy Of The Beast, ready for a night of bowling and tearing apart enemies with his claws and bowling balls.

Nekrogoblikon Collaboration

Learn more about this collaboration featuring their hype-goblin John Goblikon in the video below



John is doing what he does best, having fun at a bowling alley with his friends… well friend… well he’s by himself. Out of time and space, Dark Le Fay finds herself an unlikely ally to Number Of The Beast Eddie and John Goblikon. While Dark Le Fay considers this an opportunity for redemption, Eddie and John consider this play time to knock some heads together!

Nekrogoblikon Collaboration In Game

Nekrogoblikon Collaboration In Game

Nekrogoblikon Collaboration In Game


John Goblikon is many things: a Frontman, an author, an insurance salesman and more. What people don’t expect is a powerful Assassin who will tear each and every one of his enemies to shreds with his terrifying claws or bowl them over with a perfect strike.

Nekrogoblikon Collaboration Character

Players were able to earn John Goblikon for free by logging in for 7 days over the course of a month. Take a look at the free calendar below!

Nekrogoblikon Collaboration Event Calendar

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Nekrogoblikon Collaboration Event

Players had the chance to take John Goblikon out on a night of bowling during the Bound By Fate dungeon event. The dungeon was available from September 14th-21st with the bowling alley environment based on the music video “Bones”.

Players were taken through a unique and exciting storyline, based on the lyrics and albums of Nekrogoblikon! With 4 difficulties to choose from, they joined John Goblikon and Eddie as they had a fun time bowling and bashing their way through some trolls! Joined by Dark Le Fay, this trio will never forget the adventure they had during a night of innocent bowling.

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