Get ready to rock with Legacy of the Beast’s latest collaboration, because things are about to get heavy! Iron Maiden’s free-to-play mobile game has teamed up with legendary metal band Anthrax to bring you an epic new event: Among the Living.  The iconic Not Man has made his way into the free-to-play game, armed and dangerous with his trusty makeshift weapon.

Despite their distinctive playing styles, the relationship between Iron Maiden and Anthrax is almost as old as the bands themselves. As founding guitarist and card-carrying Iron Maiden fan club member Scott Ian will tell you, before they were 80s thrash titans, Anthrax were young Iron Maiden fans whose nascent but distinctive playing style would one day see them playing alongside their heroes on the world’s most prestigious festival bills and also as direct support many times since. More than touring history though, the cast-iron link between these two iconic bands can also be seen in their enduring legacies: music that continues to electrify generation upon generation and fans that can be found in every time zone.

Learn how this collaboration came together in the video below:



Inspired by Anthrax’s graphic novel of the same name, the Among the Living dungeon event is a thrilling adventure that will take fans and players through the recently destroyed streets of NYC in this new week-long event. Not Man is out for revenge, and he’s not alone. Eddie, the iconic mascot of Iron Maiden, is also on the scene, ready to clean up the post-apocalyptic mess.

Get ready to rock out and take down the bad guys in this week-long event. With an inspired storyline taken straight from the lyrics and albums of Anthrax, Among the Living is sure to be an unforgettable experience for metalheads and gamers alike. So grab your phone, fire up Legacy of the Beast, and get ready to rock!



Before March 22, 1987 Not Man was a smart, inventive, scared and bullied human that liked to be locked away in his crappy house in New York City. On that March day, huge simultaneous disasters hit New York and changed the direction of Not Man’s life. Though millions are negatively affected, the multiple disasters turned Not Man into a killing machine. Fueled by vengeance and brutally wielding his home-made weapon, Not Man can use his massive hits of physical and true damage to help any team to victory. I am the chosen…I am the Not Man!

Players were able to earn Not Man for free by logging in for 7 days over the course of a month. Take a look at the free calendar below!

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Players had the chance to witness Not Man in action during the Among the Living dungeon event. The Dungeon was available from May 17th-24th and was inspired by the lyrics, albums and Anthrax’s graphic novel of the same name, the Among the Living.

In the recently obliterated neighborhood of NYC, Not Man is armed with his trusty makeshift weapon. He’s storming the streets to get his revenge on those who insulted him and his home earlier that afternoon.

While on his excursion he meets up with Eddie, to which they find some common ground. Eddie is there to clean up the streets as well, as the post nuclear explosion has corrupted part of the population and is posing a threat to the unaffected civilians.

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