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A new year brings a list of new in-game collaborations. In March 2023, Legacy of the Beast partnered with the legendary English band, Motörhead.

Snaggletooth Motorhead Collaboration

Their iconic mascot Snaggletooth made his Legacy of the Beast debut on March 15th.  This juggernaut of a warrior is equipped with an axe and is ready for anyone, tearing through enemy forces and shrugging off damage coming his way.

Learn how this collaboration came together in the video below:



In this new week-long event, fans and players will journey into the neighborhood of Sunset Boulevard where gangs are running rampant and it’s a time of chaos.

Syndicates are at war to gain power, influence, and profit.  Snaggletooth teams up with Wasteland Eddie to take to the streets to clear out the roaming rival gang before they reach a level of organized crime. If they’re able to take down the gang’s leader, could it bring an end to the territorial dispute and rebuild the city?

Snaggletooth Motorhead Collaboration Snaggletooth Motorhead Collaboration Snaggletooth Motorhead Collaboration



Snaggletooth Motorhead Collaboration

When you see pure chaos and destruction, you know that this fanged beast is close by. Snaggletooth is a high-decibel powerhouse that will brutally swing his battle axe at anyone or anything that stands in his way.

Though he is rebellious by nature, this snarling and salivating war pig will be a huge help to any team that needs straight-ahead power. And nothing brings Snaggletooth more pleasure than slashing and smashing this way through enemy forces. Rock on!

Snaggletooth Motorhead Collaboration

Players were able to earn Snaggletooth for free by logging in for 7 days over the course of a month. Take a look at the free calendar below!

Snaggletooth Motorhead Calendar

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Snaggletooth Motorhead Collaboration


Players had the chance to witness Snaggletooth in action during the Born to Raise Hell dungeon event. The dungeon was available from March 15th-22nd and was inspired by the lyrics and albums of Motörhead.

The dungeon itself is set on the legendary Sunset Strip which has a long history of being a hub of rock music and nightlife.  In the 1980s it was a popular destination for bands such as Motörhead who played at clubs such as the Whiskey a Go Go and the Rainbow Room – the latter Bar & Grill becoming a second home to their legendary frontman, Lemmy.

The Born To Raise Hell dungeon event featured a Motörhead themed script, and 4 difficulty settings with epic rewards. Wasteland Eddie teamed up with Snaggletooth to take on a rival gang, who is hellbent on gaining power and influence in this post-apocalyptic city.

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